BritTeen Club Bucharest

At the BritTeen club, children and teenagers in grades 1-12 can improve their conversation skills with fun and creative English workshops covering a wide range of topics, from art, games and creative expression to public speaking, personal development and team work. 

If you want to help your child practice what they learn in English classes or simply want to offer them a pleasant environment where they can develop their skills and make new friends, register them for the BritTeen conversation club.

BritTeen timetable and workshops

Club structure

The BritTeen club has an autumn, winter and spring term and each term lasts three months. During a term, children and teenagers can participate in 6-session workshops (90 min/session) or an 8-session intensive workshop called BritStar (120 min/session). Each workshop and takes place at the British Council in Bucharest (14 Calea Dorobanților) on Saturdays.

BritTeen workshops

We have several 6-session workshops for each age group, as well as the BritStar workshop for students in grades 5-8. Your child can register for our themed workshops, and if they are in grades 5-8, they can also attend BritStar: Acting Games with actor Andrei Aradits, a special 8-session workshop focused on personal development through theatre and improvisation.

Autumn term
(in progress)
Winter term (2017)
Workshop session dates
8, 22 Oct | 12, 24 Nov | 10, 17 Dec
Workshop session dates
21, 28 Jan | 18, 25 Feb | 11, 18 Mar
1630-1800 | 1815-1945
1100-1230 | 1630-1800 | 1815-1945

See below details about the workshops you can register your child for in the winter term.  

Workshops for grades 1-2 (winter 2017)

Winter term workshops

1815 - 1945
International cuisine



International Cuisine (Iulia Cojocaru)

Come and discover the joy of cooking! We'll experiment with raw ingredients and travel with our imagination to 6 different places, to discover traditional cuisine. And then we'll cook and taste the exciting dishes we learned about. You'll make all sorts of delicious appetizers, main courses and deserts, and at the end of each session you'll get to take home what you learned and practice it with your family.

Workshops for grades 3-4 (winter 2017)

Winter term workshops

1630 - 1800
English cocktail club (reloaded)
Wow lab (reloaded)

1815 - 1945
Money talks
Pet superheroes


English cocktail club: reloaded (Mariana Duțescu)

Let’s have fun, play a lot and get our hands dirty! You’ll read and write stories, try role-playing, play with dolls and toys, recite poems, sing, watch videos and listen to songs, work in a team and put your imagination to the test with arts & crafts. And you’ll definitely have a good time while practicing English in a happy & friendly environment!

Wow lab: reloaded (Andreea Cruglic-Popescu)

Try some fun experiments in our special lab and discover the fun and interesting part of physics and chemistry through unique science activities. You’ll find out how to defy gravity, create unique contraptions, wind mills or bionic hands and how to control optical illusions. No only will you have loads of fun, but you will also gain a better understanding of the forces driving our world.

Money talks (Lucia Radu-Simota)

Is it too expensive or is it worth it? What’s the best way to use your money? Join us and let’s play with budget, finances and planning! Through fun games and challenges, you will find out what money is and where it comes from, how you can create and manage a simple budget, what economy and investment is all about and what makes up the price of a product. Let’s learn together how money talks!

Pet superheroes (Oana Costache)

We have at least one thing in common with our furry friends - we all do better when we like what we're doing. Let's have a good time and use fun games and surprising activites to find out what roles animals play in our lives, how diverse they are and how their abilities are true superpowers. We'll learn how to speak "Doggie", how easy clicker training can be and how therapy cats work - and what better way to do this than by playing and interacting with cute animals?

Workshops for grades 5-6 (winter 2017)

Winter term workshops

1630 - 1800
International cuisine

1815 - 1945
Space, the final frontier
You can be who you want

International Cuisine (Iulia Cojocaru)

Come and discover the joy of cooking! We'll experiment with raw ingredients and travel with our imagination to 6 different places, to discover traditional cuisine. And then we'll cook and taste the exciting dishes we learned about. You'll make all sorts of delicious appetizers, main courses and deserts, and at the end of each session you'll get to take home what you learned and practice it with your family.

Space, the final frontier (Dan Radu-Simota)

They say “sky’s the limit”. Well... think twice! There is an unimaginable amount of mysteries waiting to be discovered beyond the blue veil we see every day. And this workshop is here to give you a chance to discover everything that's fascinating about the universe -  our Solar System, faraway galaxies, stars, planets, black holes and many other puzzling realities. Don't let the sky be the limit - go beyond!

You can be who you want (Marius Smîntînă)

Imagine a world where you can choose your favourite character and build your own untold story with your colleagues. Come and experience a fun way to make friends, build and shape unbelievable characters and even more unbelievable stories. Discover a new confident and relaxed you with the help of some fun and challenging theatre and acting games or activities.

Workshops for grades 7-8 (winter 2017)

Winter term workshops

1630 - 1800
Creative photo editing (reloaded)
Say it loud!


Creative photo editing: reloaded (Alexandru Popovici)

Have you ever wondered what makes a photo great? Do you want to learn how to draw or paint using the computer? Do you want to know how to create collages or how to change some of the colors in a photo? Come and discover the world of photo editing and find out how to master creative editing softwares like Photoshop. Take the first step and become a true digital artist!

Say it loud (Răzvan Ropotan)

Join this workshop to learn useful public speaking techniques and to find out how to express your inner thoughts and desires most effectively, as well as how to control your emotions when holding a speech, be it in school, at an exam or anywhere else.
We will talk about the power of thoughts, images and examples, the importance of the 4 temperaments and attention and about the importance of verbal and non-verbal language and we will go through lots of fun public speaking exercises. 

Workshops for grades 9-12 (winter 2017)

Winter term workshops
1630 - 1800
Compass for career & life


Compass for career & life (Constantin Dedu)

Exams, university, pressure, competition. Why do we do it? What is the best suitable career for you & how do you go for it?  If it's your path, then you should be the one to design it. Join this workshop and and find out more about yourself and how you can achieve your learning and career goals. You will find out how to create an attention-grabbing CV, what strategy and personal development plans are and how they can help you, and you will have a clearer picture of all the steps you should follow for a successful career. 

BritStar Acting Games with Andrei Aradits, grades 5-8 (winter 2017)

BritStar: Acting games

Acting is not a talent, it's a skill.  The good thing is that any skill can be taught and learned. Anybody with a little intuition, a little imagination and a bit of curiosity can learn how to act. Quality acting is nothing more than the art of behaving naturally in imaginary situations.

Come and learn the basic instruments of acting, improvisation and how to have total control over your emotions. Don't think that acting is 'lying' or 'deceiving' the public - on the contrary, the most important thing for an actor is to be able to be as honest as possible. Take part in BritStar and fall in love with acting.

About the trainer

Actor Andrei Aradits has performed in numerous plays, movies and TV shows, and is currently a jury member on the TV show Te cunosc de undeva airing on Antena 1. 

Andrei Aradits graduated from the National Theatre and Cinema Art University in prof. Florin Zamfirescu’s class. He had his stage debut in the Public Jewish Theatre where he performed until 2002. He then performed in plays at the Bulandra Theatre (King Lear, Turandot) and at the Bucharest National Theatre (Edward the III). He has also performed in full-length movies (The rest is silence, Slaughter, The past mistake), TV shows (In familie, Efect 30, Narcisa Sălbatică), and in the short movie 10, directed by Dorian Boguță. 10 was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2010 and included in the Romanian Short Waves programme.

BritStar timetable

The "BritStar: Acting Games" workshop is comprised of 8 sessions (120 minutes/session) held weekly, on Saturdays. The winter term sessions will take place as follows:

  • Dates: 21 January - 25 March (holiday: 4, 11 February)
  • Hours: 1430 - 1630

How much does BritTeen cost?

Fees for BritTeen club workshops:

  New members Club members*
One workshop (6 sessions) 280 250
2nd workshop (6 sessions) 250 250
BritStar: Acting Games (10 sessions) 700 700

All fees are in RON.

*You are considered a BritTeen  club member if you have attended our BritTeen workshops or camps anytime in the last 12 months.

How to register

If it's the first time you're registering your child for the BritTeen workshops, you will need to book an interview. Please follow the registration steps listed here.

If your child has attended our BritTeen workshops or camps anytime during the last 12 months, please contact us for direct registration.