BritTeen Adventure Summer Camps

Do you want to offer your child an amazing summer? If they are in grades 3-8, don't miss the chance to register them for our BritTeen Adventure English camps.

For a week, your child will enjoy nature and fresh mountain air in a serene setting, in Cheia-Moieciu, Dâmbovicioara, Sâmbăta de Sus or Muddy Volcanos region, practice English and develop essential life skills as well as their general knowledge through themed workshops, fun group activities in English, sports and hikes. 

Join a holiday camp with the world's English experts!

With over 9 years of experience, the BritTeen Aventure English camps are unique in Romania, offering children a complex programme focused on practice in a creative environment. The camp activities are designed to help children develop both their English fluency and essential life skills.

During the BritTeen Adventure camps your child will:

  • develop their English language fluency and conversation skills through constant exposure and practice (full language immersion system)
  • learn to communicate better and work in a team to reach common objectives
  • develop their general knowledge and practice analytical thinking and attention to detail
  • make new friends and become more confident and independent
  • learn to enjoy nature through outdoor activities and hikes

When do the camps take place?

The BritTeen Adventure camps take place during the February school holiday and from June to September. 

Each camp lasts 6 days (Sunday - Friday) and includes two themed BritTeen workshops in English, as well as games, group activities and hikes. 

The BritTeen Adventure summer camp (June-August 2019)

Book a spot for your child in one of our summer camps which will run during June-August 2019 according to the following schedule:

Time period (Sunday-Friday) Accomodation Region
16-21 June Casa Zmeilor Sâmbăta de Sus
23-28 June Casa Zmeilor Sâmbăta de Sus
30 June - 05 July Pensiunea Andrei Moieciu
07-12 July Nicodor Sâmbăta de Sus
14-19 July Nicodor Sâmbăta de Sus
21-26 July Pensiunea Andrei Moieciu
28 iulie - 02 August Pensiunea Andrei Moieciu
04-09 August Mona Caraiman Bușteni
11-16 August Mona Caraiman Bușteni
18-23 August Casa Matei Berca-Muddy Volcanos
25-30 August Green House Cheile Dâmbovicioarei

What does the camp include?

Each BritTeen camp includes:


  • 6 hours of themed workshops in English every day
  • trips and walks in the nature and/or visits to the tourist attractions in the area
  • treasure hunts and team camp challenges
  • sports and competitions ( table tennis, football, volleyball, badminton)
  • a party at the end of the camp
  • fun activities organized outside workshop hours: board games, logic games, outdoor and indoor team games, movie and storytelling nights, etc.


  • accomodation with all meals included during the 6 days spent at the mountains (3 main meals and 2 fruit snacks)
  • transport from Bucharest by private bus
  • special menu tailored for children 

What will your child learn?

In each camp your child will take part in BritTeen themed conversation workshops as well as in many other activities and fun team games, treasure hunts and hikes. All activities are in English.

The camp workshops cover a wide arrary of fun themes from theatre and improvisation, team games, art and creative writing to first aid, logic challenges and public speaking.

In our camps, children have taken part in workshops such as:

  • TeamFUN
  • ImproShow
  • Storytelling & public speaking
  • The world of food
  • Saving planet Earth
  • First aid
  • Mountain heroes
  • Art on the grass / PosterCrafts
  • Imaginary journeys
  • Creative writing

The activities are adapted to students' age and development level as well as to the camp environment; we focus on dynamic and interactive outdoor activities but we are also prepared for rainy days with a fun and engaging indoor programme.

During the workshops, your child will:

  • practice their English and devop their fluency 
  • enrich their general knowledge with information specific to the topic of the workshop (countries, cultures and customs, history, art, biology, gastronomy, ecology, nature, theatre, literature, etc)
  • develop valuable life skills - communication, active listening, group coordination and team work, prioritizing, critical thinking, etc.

You can check the general camp schedule at the end of the page. 

Where will they stay?

Our camps aim to provide your child with the opportunity to enjoy nature and fresh mountain air in a safe environment, away from the city. 

All our camp accommodations are in the mountains and they have spectacular views to Bușteni, Moieciu, Cheile Dâmbovicioarei, Sâmbăta de Sus, Muddy Volcanos, as well as generous courtyards, suitable for games, sports and fun in the open.

Housing facilities

Our summer camps will take place in guest houses, which provide rooms of 2-4 children with en-suite bathroom, in single or double beds.

Rooms have a TV and central heating and among the facilities available at the guest houses are a courtyard, playground/playroom, gazebo, wireless internet and various recreation facilities.

Camp menu

During the camp, your child will have 3 meals per day and 2 fruit breaks.

The camp menu is designed for children and teenagers and all ingredients are fresh and natural. We can accommodate all special needs and dietary requests your child might have.

Who are the accompanying adults?

In each camp children will be accompanied by at least 4 adults from the British Council - 2 BritTeen trainers who will facilitate the themed workshops and 2 other supervisors trained to support the children during the camp and make sure all activities, the camp schedule and the camp rules are respected.

The accompanying adults from the BritTeen Adventure Camps are passionate and have a rich camp experience, as well as experience in working with children and teenagers through non-formal education methods. They are also excellent English speakers ( minimum C1 level on the Common European Framework) in order to offer children a stimulating environment for practicing their English.

All accompanying adults are recruited according to the British Council's professional standards and adhere to our Child Protection Policy.

In each camp, at least one of the adults is a certified first aider. 

Useful information

  • Bus transportation is included in the camp fee and departure and arrival will be from/in Bucharest;
  • Before departure, the parent or legal representative will fill out a parent consent form with information required to maintain the safety of the children (allergies, dietary restrictions, emergency contact);
  • Before departure, we require participants to present a medical certificate from their General Practitioner/  Specialist. Thank you for your support!

What is the fee?

The fee for the BritTeen Adventure winter camp is 1499 RON. The fee can also be paid in instalments as follows:

  • a 349 RON advance of the fee is required to book a place for the camp; the advance is non-refundable
  • with maximum 10 days prior to the camp, you can pay the rest of the amount in 1 or 2 set instalments

We offer a discount for pre-registration, if you book a spot before 20 May 2019:

Registration by 20 May* Registration starting 21 May
1399 RON 1499 RON

Fee instalments:
349 RON advance
2 instalments of 525 RON / 1 instalment of 1050 RON

Fee instalments:
349 RON advance
2 instalments of 575 RON / 1 instalment of 1150 RON

*the discount is applicable to reservations made by 20 May; we recommend booking an interview early in order to be able to make the reservation in due time (see below registration details)

The camp fee includes full accomodation (3 main meals and snaks), all stationery and special materials needed for camp activities, transport from and to Bucharest with a private bus.

How can you register your child?

Camp registration is open to all students in school grades 3 - 8 (in the current school year: 2018-2019).

All children who participate in the summer camps must have a pre-intermediate level of English fluency, certified through an English language course or exam or assessed through a short conversation prior to camp registration.

  • If it's the first time you're registering your child for the BritTeen camps or workshops, you will need to book an interview. Please follow the registration steps listed here.
  • If your child has attended our BritTeen workshops or camps anytime during the last 12 months, you can book a spot for our camps directly - check your e-mail for registration details. For further information, please contact us.

Registration is made on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats are limited.