About Debate @British

Our Debate @British club for students between 7th and 12th grade offers students the tools and opportunity to learn how to better express their ideas and improve their public speaking skills. 

Debate is an intellectual sport which trains critical thinking, speaking skills and teamwork, whilst raising participants' awareness of national and international issues.

Debate is a very popular curricular and extracurricular activity in the UK and other Western countries and a good addition to any CV and academic portfolio if you would like your child to study at a top foreign university.

By joining the Debate @British Club, students also benefit from a 1 year subscription at our library in Bucharest.

Prices and levels

The Debate @British Club is comprised of four progressive modules:

  • Beginner - 700 RON - For absolute beginners in English debates. Students develop valuable skills such as analytical thinking, public speaking, teamwork, individual work, research and reasoning.
  • Intermediate - 700 RON - For Beginner module graduates. Students will further develop all debate skills, have the chance to participate in mock debate competitions and attend debate competitions.
  • Advanced - 700 RON - For Intermediate module graduates. Students will further develop all debate skills and participate at wider-scale debate competitions.
  • Practice club - 500 RON - For club graduates (students who completed all theoretical modules). Students will further develop all debate skills and, based on performance, be selected to participate at natioal and international competitions.

Term dates and timetable

The Debate @British Club has an Autumn, Winter and Spring term. Each term consists of 10 two-hour sessions and a full-day debate competition in English held on the last Sunday of the term.

The club sessions take place every Monday at the Bucharest - Main Centre (14 Calea Dorobanţilor), according to the schedule below: 

Terms Term Dates Holiday Dates
Autumn 25 September - 27 November*
*session 10 will be scheduled by the group
Competition: Sunday 26 November
Winter 4 December - 5 March 2018
Competition: Sunday 4 March
25 December, 1 January, 8 January, 5 February
Spring 12 March - 11 June 2018
Competition: Sunday 10 June
2 April, 9 April, 30 April, 28 May

There are three timetable options available for each term:

  • 09:00 - 11:00
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • 19:00 - 21:00

Debate @British Club trainers

All our trainers are debate professionals from ARDOR Muntenia, the leading debate association in Romania, and have experience in training high school teams at national and international competitions.

Emanuel Beteringhe

Emanuel Beteringhe has been a trainer for 13 years and is the President of ARDOR. He has trained two Debate @British Club teams who participated at Romania's largest competitions: PTA ( Primu' Turneu ARGO) and Saint George City of Debate VIII.

Nae Șovăială

Nae Șovăială joined the debate in 2004 and has been working with the British Council since 2012. As a debater, he won the European Debate Championship, and as a coach, he has prepared the national teams for the World Debating Championships in Scotland in 2011. For the last two years, he has coordinated the training and development of more than 300 teachers across Romania, preparing them to become debate trainers and coaches.

Șerban Pitic

Coach and judge for the World Schools Debating Championships (WDSC), trainer for the World Schools Debate Academy in Slovenia (WSDA), coordinator of a dozen national tournaments and coach for many other international competitions, Șerban Pitic is one of the most awarded debate trainers in Romania. Over time, he has delivered numerous trainings for teachers and students and has organized several important educational events.

Ioana Covei

From 2007, when she joined the debate movement, Ioana Covei has been a trainer, a coach and a debate and public speaking club coordinator. She has a national oratory title obtained in 2010 and multiple top 3 rankings in national debate tournaments. She has been working with the British Council since 2012, when she first became a trainer for the BritTeen club, and afterwards a Debate @British trainer. 

Alina Bucșa

Alina Bucșa has the all-around experience off the debate world, as she first attended national and international tournaments as a volunteer or as a debater, with promising results, and only afterwards as an organiser, judge or judge coordinator. She has had a fundamental contribution to the inauguration of numerous debate clubs. In 2012-2013, Alina becam a member of the executive team of ARDOR Muntenia and has been working for the national ARDOR association since 2016.

Laura Drăgoi

Laura Drăgoi has been involved in numerous debate and public speaking projects and challenges for the past 5 years. She has been a competitive debater herself reaching, among others, the ESL finals of Oxford IV. She has coordinated national and international debate events and trained students and teachers in Slovenia, Bulgaria and at home. She was a member of Team Romania for the World Schools Debating Championship, and part of the coaching team preparing the last three generations of debaters for WSDC. 

How to register

If it's the first time you're registering your child for the Debate @British club, you will need to book them an interview. Please follow the registration steps listed here.

If your child has attended one or more of our Debate @British club modules, you have received registration details by e-mail. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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