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Is your teenager passionate about acting? If they're preparing for university admission or just thinking about an acting career, register them for the TeenAct workshop and set them on track for success! The workshop is open for high school students and is held by actress Cristina Flutur, winner of the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Register your child for our English acting workshop and let them:

  • learn essential acting techniques and find out how to prepare for a part or for appearing on stage / in front of a camera
  • become better informed about theatre or film acting and what a career in this field entails
  • improve their related vocabulary in English and their fluency
  • learn under the guidance of a top teacher and enrich their portfolio with a relevant activity

The TeenAct workshop is comprised of 4 progressive modules. Each module is 6 hours long and takes place over the course of a weekend (Saturday-Sunday). 

Click on the sections below to read the description and schedule for the TeenAct modules, as well as more details about the registration procedure. 

Modules and schedule

You can check below the details, dates and hours for each TeenAct module.

Module 1 - An Actor's Training (21 - 22 November, 1400 - 1700)
  • an introduction to the art of acting
  • techniques and exercises for the actor's physical, mental and emotional structure
  • fundamental elements of acting
  • the actor's preparation for a theatre play and for a film
Module 2 - Character Architecture (coming soon)
  • building a character for theatre and for film
  • designing a character
  • how to approach a given role
  • working on a text
Module 3 - Story and Character (starting with January 2016
  • placing the character within the story of the play/film
  • narrative structure
  • the character's trip
  • auditioning for a part
Module 4 - Ways of expression (starting with January 2016)
  • acting for the stage/acting for film
  • the differences between theatre and film in terms of expression
  • practical work (shooting experience)

All TeenAct modules will take place at our Bucharest main centre on 14 Calea Dorobanților.

Fees and registration

The registration fee for one TeenAct module (6 hours) is 300 RON.

You can register your child for Module 1 (An actor's training) of the TeenAct workshop until 18 November, by following the steps below:

Step 1

Contact us to schedule a short interview in English for your child, or provide proof of their English language proficiency level (First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English, IELTS with a score of 5.5).

Step 2

After a successful interview, please complete the registration form available for download below and pay the registration fee. The fee can be paid either directly at our main centre in Bucharest or by bank transfer.

If you are paying by bank transfer, our account details are as follows:

  • Beneficiary: British Council, C.U.I. / C.F.: 9000 0000 26598 / 22.02.91
  • Account number: IBAN RO07 CITI 0000 0008 2601 2005
  • Opened at: Citibank Europe plc - Dublin sucursala Romania (Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara, Bucuresti)

Please write your name on the ordin de plată field and "TeenAct" in the reprezentând field.

Step 3

(For payment via bank transfer*) Please email proof of payment together with the application form to contact@britishcouncil.ro.

About the trainer

Cristina Flutur is a film and theatre actress. She made her debut in cinema by portraying Alina Ringhiș, the main character in the "Beyond the hills" drama by Cristian Mungiu, and her outstanding performance won her the Best Actress Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Cristina also played a character in the "Resistance" mini-series produced by Alain Goldman ("La mome"); the mini-series was aired in France, Switzerland and UK and was nominated in 2015 for Best TV Movie at the Globes de Cristal awards. 

Prior to her film debut, Cristina Flutur performed for 8 years in numerous theatre productions, both in Romania, at the Radu Stanca National Theatre in Sibiu, as well as abroad, when on tour in Kiev, Sarajevo, Helsinki, Sankt Petersburg, Ljiubljana, Naples, Bogota and Rome. In Sibiu, she performed in plays directed by top Romanian and foreign directors, among which Alexandru Dabija, Andrei Șerban, Silviu Purcărete, Alexander Hausvater, Florin Zamfirescu, Andrij Zholdak or Robert Raponja. 

In 2012, the Avantaje magazine named her Woman Of The Year for the category "Ambassador of the Romanian Art Abroad". From 2014 onwards, Cristina has added theatre and acting workshops for children and adults to her artistic activity.