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Our Debate @British club is your ticket to a brighter future. If you are looking to continue your studies abroad or apply for a competitive job, we can help.  

Academic debate training is a highly regarded extracurricular activity and a valuable portfolio asset. You will have the chance to improve your English conversation ability and gain valuable skills. The top 500 universities abroad have debate courses and use debate as a interactive teaching method, so if you haven't had the chance to join in a debate yet, our Debate @British club is your opportunity! 

Debate is a form of argument based discussion, where parties have different opinions and conclusions are drawn based on the facts presented by the debaters. 

Our club is open to any student eager to improve their debating skills. You don't need to have any sort of experience in this area, just a curiosity and willingness to learn, and a good level of conversation skills in English (recommended level is upper-intermediate or above). 

The club is currently only available in Bucharest.

What will you learn at Debate @British?


  • Prepare for well-researched debates
  • Better express your ideas and improve your public speaking skills
  • Debate rationally from either position with equal ease, and help your handling of personal and academic situations where you have to argue ideas which are not in line with your personal beliefs
  • Put together an original speech and deliver it with the appropriate attitude and persuasion (verbal and non-verbal language)
  • Improve your critical thinking
  • Receive a free membership to the British Council library. Find out more about the benefits of our library services.

Members will be given a certificate endorsed by the British Council and ARDOR, the main debate organisation in Romania, when completing the club programme. 

Learn from the best trainers

Nae Șovăială and Laura Drăgoi, the Debate @British club trainers, are members of the largest debate association in Romania, ARDOR Muntenia. They are professional debaters with extensive experience in both organising and delivering debate, argumentation or public speaking trainings and workshops for companies or private individuals, as well as in training student teams for national and international academic debate competitions.

Nae Șovăială joined the debate movement in 2004 and has been working with the British Council since 2012. As a debater, he won the European Debate Championship, and as a coach, he has prepared the national teams for the World Debating Championships in Scotland in 2011. For the last two years, he has coordinated the training and development of more than 300 teachers across Romania, preparing them to become debate trainers and coaches. 

Laura Drăgoi has been involved in numerous debate and public speaking projects and challenges for the past 5 years. She has been a competitive debater herself reaching, among others, the ESL finals of Oxford IV. She has coordinated national and international debate events and trained students and teachers in Slovenia, Bulgaria and at home. She was a member of Team Romania for the World Schools Debating Championship, and part of the coaching team preparing the last three generations of debaters for WSDC. 

Structure, schedule and fees

Our Debate @British courses are comprised of two progressive modules, Essentials and Eloquence, designed to offer you the tools and practice needed to master English debate and argumentation and help you become a more fluent and persuasive speaker. 

Our courses cover argument types and structure, public speaking and persuasive communication techniques, as well as concepts relating to formal debating and rhetoric, and give you the opportunity to practice these skills through structured debates and argumentation exercises.

Debate Essentials

Join our Debate Essentials module to:

  • generate and structure arguments in persuasive ways
  • learn and practice a competitive debate format where you’ll have to think big and think fast
  • up your charisma by working on your paraverbal and your body language

At the end of the module you will receive a graduation certificate endorsed by the British Council and ARDOR Muntenia.


The course module is comprised of 20 hours, split into 10 two-hour sessions. The sessions take place twice per week.

See below the schedule for the upcoming module:

Dates 30 January - 1 March (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
Hours 19:00 - 21:00

The registration fee for the Debate Essentials module is 850 RON

Debate Eloquence

This module is designed for Debate Essentials graduates or participants with previous experience in academic debate. 

By joining the Debate Eloquence module, you will learn to:

  • deconstruct and reconstruct discourse to truly understand its meaning
  • adapt to your audience in order to captivate and maintain people’s focus on you while you speak
  • learn how to use quick research techniques and make the most out of information you already have

At the end of the module you will receive a graduation certificate endorsed by the British Council and ARDOR Muntenia.


The course module is comprised of 20 hours, split into 10 two-hour sessions.The next Debate Eloquence module will start after 1 February 2018; its schedule will be agreed with the group and published here by end of January.

The registration fee for the Debate Eloquence module is 850 RON. 

How to register

If it's the first time you're registering for the Debate @British club, you will need to book a short interview in English. Please follow the registration steps listed here.

If you have already participated in our Debate @British club modules, please contact us for direct registration.

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