Apply now for FameLab 2019

Candidates across the country are able to register for FameLab online before 31 March 2019, by submitting a video presentation. 

Video entry

To register online, candidates needed to submit a 3-minute video presentation on a science topic of their choice before 1 March 2019. The jury then selects   participants who will get  into the regional heats.

Video entry instructions


  • Videos should be up to 3 minutes long (content will not be judged after this time limit)
  • Contain no editing or special effects
  • Have no background music (unless this is what you are talking about)
  • Not involve other people or excessive props (follow the guideline for the live heats which is 'a prop you can carry on stage').

We are not assessing video/filming quality. We simply need to be able to clearly hear and see you, so there is no problem submitting entries filmed on a smartphone.


  • Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting site and copy the link. Please note: you do not have to list the video as 'public'. Upload it as 'unlisted' if you prefer
  • Fill out the registration form and paste the link to your video in the relevant field. 

Next steps?

Successful candidates will be invited to a two-day Communication Masterclass that will help them develop key media and presentation skills. 

The national final will be held in Bucharest.

Please be aware that even if presentations from the heats and national final will be in Romanian, the winner will need to present in English at the International Final.