FameLab Online Selection

The first step in world’s largest science communication competition! 

FameLab regional selections are organized by partners across Romania between 5-20 April. All selections follow the same structure and competition principles.

The 2021 selections will take place online. To support the local organizers, where possible, we encourage you to join an online selection organized by partners in your region.  

How it works

  • You will deliver your three-minute FameLab presentation in front of the jury in an online meeting (regional selection). 
  • Joining instructions for the online selection will be sent to you by email up to 3 days before the event.
  • Before the start of the event, you will have the opportunity to check technical details with the organizers and go through the event agenda. 
  • The organizers will record the online event, but you will need to have a separate recording of your own. When it's your turn to deliver your presentation, you'll need to turn on:
    - the camera of the device you're joining the event from (a laptop is recommended) 
    - your phone camera or any other camera you’re using to record separately  
  • The moderator will introduce you to those present in the online event and you will be able to start your presentation.
  • The 3 or 4 members of the jury will ask you questions after the presentation.

See the rules and steps you'll need to follow in the sections below.  


Presentation length

  • You will have 3 minutes to deliver your talk on any topic of your choice related to science, technology,  mathematics or medicine.
  • Your presentation must not be longer than 3 minutes. The event moderator will stop you if you go over the allotted time. 

Presentation language

  • For the FameLab regional selections and  the national final you will need to deliver your presentation in Romanian. 
  • The Masterclass for Romanian finalists  and the international finals will be held in English.

Props and other resources

  • You are not allowed to use PowerPoint presentations, other digital presentations or audio recordings.  
  • As for props, you can use them, but keep in mind the specifics of an online environment. If you were on a stage, you might need large props, in order for the audience to be able to see them; however, the virtual format might only allow you to use smaller props – it’s important that they fit into the frame on all devices you’re recording with, without taking you out of the frame in the meantime. 

No notes

  • The traditional FameLab rule, "no notes", remains valid. Your FameLab speech must be presented freely, not read.
  • And remember – jury members can tell if you're reading a script, and you risk being disqualified from the competition!

The regional selection – step by step

  • FameLab Regional Selections will be held via Microsoft Teams or other similar videoconferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).
  • The organizers will record the entire online meeting as backup material, but each participant must also record their presentation separately. Therefore, you will be required to take part in the online event with your camera on, while also simultaneously recording your bit on a separate device (phone or camera). 
  • We recommend that you access the online meeting from a laptop, while recording with your phone (or any other device/ camera you prefer).
  • When it's your turn to deliver your presentation, you will need to start the recording on the separate device you’re using. 
  • Before introducing you in the event, the moderator will check to make sure you’re recording too. 
  • You'll be introduced by the moderator and you'll start delivering your speech.
  • The recordings will be shot in one take, just as if you were on a stage. You won't be able to restart the recording except for extreme circumstances. You will ONLY be allowed to resume the presentation and recording from the beginning in case of technical issues (internet connection lost, camera broken etc).  
  • After you’ve delivered your 3-minute speech, you need to remain in the same position in front of the camera, while the moderator invites the judges to ask you questions.
  • You can deliver your presentation and answers either standing or sitting, however you prefer. One option could be to stand while you present and answer, and then sit down while the other participants give their presentations.  
  • The members of the jury will ask questions and provide feedback after each presentation.
  • Once you’ve answered the final question from the judges, the moderator will thank you – only after this step should you stop your separate recording.  
  • Therefore, you will record separately your own presentation, as well as your own interaction with the members of the jury and the moderator (approximately 7 minutes in total). 
  • After the selection event, you need to send the video recording to the organizers, following the instructions in the section below. 

Results and next steps

  • After the selection event, the jury will deliberate by the end of the next day to determine the winners, following the three FameLab criteria: content, clarity and charisma. 
  • The winner of each selection event will enter the FameLab Romania National Final, for which they will need to prepare a different presentation (it can be on the same topic, but content must be different).
  • Competitors ranked 2nd and 3rd in each regional selection event will be able to participate, along with the winners, in the FameLab Masterclass which will take place online on 24-25 April.