About this course

The Intensive English grammar workshop consists of four modules:

Module 1: Tenses and Aspects 1 

  • Present Simple & Present Continuous; Stative verbs (States, senses and actions)
  • Past Simple & Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect Simple & Past Simple
  • Present Perfect Simple & Past Perfect Simple 
  • Present Perfect Continuous & Present Perfect Simple (& Past Perfect Continuous)

Module 2: Tenses and Aspects 2 

  • The Future
  • Revision of tenses
  • Reported Speech
  • The Passive

Module 3: Modality 1 (Modal Verbs, Modal Perfect, Modal Continuous) 

Module 4: Modality 2 (Conditionals) 

Why should I choose this British Council workshop?

By the end of this workshop the participants will be better able to:

  • understand the English verb and make a clear distinction between various tenses and aspects
  • construct and convey meaning in both written and spoken language using verb patterns
  • use the English tenses more confidently.

The right level for you

There will be no testing before the course, but in order to fully benefit from this workshop you will need to have an Upper-Intermediate (B2) level of English.

Where is this course taught?

Calendar and pricing

You can register for the grammar workshops without doing a level test. In order to register you need to pay the registration fee in cash/by card at our premises, or by bank transfer. Contact us for more information.

Workshop duration

The grammar workshops consist of two modules. Each module lasts 6 hours.

Dates and prices


17 January Module 1 325*
14 February Module 2 325*
28 February  Module 3 325*
14 March  Module 4 325*

*You will receive 5% discount if you register for two modules or 10% if you register for all four modules.