FameLab International is an exciting competition, which aims to discover the world's brightest minds in science and engineering. This global competition has become an established model for successfully identifying, training and mentoring scientists and engineers who love to share their enthusiasm and passion for science.

About FameLab Romania

In 2015 we are running the 8th edition of FameLab Romania. The global competition is open to anyone, aged between 18 and 35, studying or working in science, technology, engineering, medicine or mathematics.

English language at an intermediate level is an absolute prerequisite for the lucky contestants who will make it to the international phase of the FameLab competition.

The finest and most brilliant minds become famous at FameLab. Can you excite and entertain an audience with a concept in science, mathematics, engineering and technology in under 3 minutes? Then join the FameLab regional heats! 


We will be selecting the FameLab Romania finalists during the regional heats will take place in Bucharest, Cluj, Iași and Timișoara which will take place between 2-25 April 2015.

How can you take part

  1. Read first the "FameLab terms and conditions" available for download below.
  2. Choose the heat you want to join.
  3. Fill in the registration form available for download below and make sure you select the date/city/university where you would like to deliver your presentation. Send the registration form to famelab@britishcouncil.ro within the deadline for your chosen heat.

Take part in a regional heat


“Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest

8 Eroii Sanitari Blvd., “Daniel Danielopolu” Library Hall 

The selection heat will take place on Thursday, 2 April, at 16.00. Registration open until 1 April.

Contact person: Camelia Acatrinei
T: 0752 596 108
E: camelia.acatrinei@yahoo.com

This selection heat is open only for participants who will present a theme related to medical sciences.

 British Council

14 Calea Dorobanților

The selection heat will take place on Monday 6 April, at 14.00. Registration open until 2 April.

Contact person: Cristina Nițu
E: cristina.nitu@britishcouncil.ro

University Politehnica of Bucharest (during POLIFEST)

313 Splaiul Independenței, Rectorate

The selection heat will take place on Tuesday 7 April, from 12.00. Registration open until 6 April.

Contact person: Elena Pop
T: 0752 064 124 
E: elena.pop@upb.ro 

This selection heat is open only for students and teaching staff from the University Politehnica Bucharest.


“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iași

Faculty of Informatics, 16 General Berthelot Street - Room 308, 1st floor, building C.

The selection heat will take place on Thursday 9 April, at 11.00. Registration open until 8 April.

Contact person: Ioana Carmen Păstinaru
T: 0232 201 021
E: ioana.pastinaru@uaic.ro


Politehnica University of Timișoara

Rectorate, Senate Hall (Sala Mică a Senatului), 2 Victoriei Square

The selection heat will take place on Friday 24 April, from 11.00. Registration open until 23 April.

Contact person: Prof.dr.ing. Radu Vasiu (Director, Multimedia Research Centre)
T: 0256 403 300
E: radu.vasiu@cm.upt.ro


“Babeș Bolyai” University

1 Em. de Martonne Street, Faculty of European Studies (Aula) 

The selection heat will take place on Saturday 25 April, at 11.00. Registration open until 24 April.

Contact person: Anca Kiss
T: 0264 429 762
E: anca.kiss@ubbcluj.ro

Judging criteria

The judging pannel includes professionals in the field of science, science communication and media. They are looking for somebody who can present a topic with clarity and charisma.

Content: The content of the presentations MUST be scientifically accurate. If the chosen topic has controversy or uncertainty around it, then the presentation must acknowledge the opposing views. The scientific topic presented should be well chosen to suit the audience.

Clarity: Clarity is critical for effective science communication. The structure of the talk is important; it needs to ensure that the audience and judges can easily follow the talk and that they are left with an understanding of the chosen scientific concept.

Charisma: The audience and judges should be left inspired and enthusiastic about science. The presenter must have that hard-to-describe but unmistakable quality which we call charisma. The winner will be the one who makes the topic easy to understand, entertaining and exciting.  They need to not only able to communicate complex information, but also share their passion for it.

What are the stages of the competition?

12 finalists will be selected from the regional heats. The winners of the reagional heats will then enter the final.

The final of FameLab Romania 2015  will take place in Bucharest, on Thursday 21 May 2015.

To prepare them for the final, all the successful contestants will be invited to take part in a weekend master class (all expenses paid) delivered by British and Romanian professionals in science communication.

The winner of the final will compete in the FameLab International Final at the UK's Cheltenham Science Festival, scheduled to take place from 2 to 7 June 2015. More than 20 FameLab winners from across the globe are expected to participate.


The winners of FameLab reagional heats will meet like-minded people and receive training and mentoring by some of the best science communicators in UK and Romania.

The winner of the FameLab Romania Final, 2015 edition, will get a trip to the UK (all expenses paid) to represent Romania in the FameLab® International competition, at the Science Festival in Cheltenham, between 2-7 June 2015.

Useful resources

Be inspired and watch the presentation delivered by the winner of FameLab Romania 2012, Flavia-Bianca Cristian. You can also watch other award winning presentations from previous FameLab competitions which took place in Romania, UK and other countries on the FameLab YouTube channel.