Close-up view of the UK bookfest stall model

The United Kingdom stall as Guest of Honour country at the 2019 Bookfest International Book Fair is the unique work of two romanian artists. The stall concept imagined by architect Johannes Bertleff and sculptor Virgil Scripcariu, titled FIGURES, was the winning project of the design competition launched by the British Council in Romania and the Bucharest branch of the Romanian Order of Architects. 

General view of the Bookfest stall model

FIGURES creates an open environment for showcasing books. In the artists' vision, the concept is translated into a series of characters detached from the groud, made out of papier mâché by sculptor Virgil Scripcaru, which welcome visitors into the space.

The sculptures are surrounded by low furniture covered in papier mâché, which, while functional, are chromatically neutral, leaving books in the spotlight. Within the stall, the book is referenced as an object capable of helping us connect to others beyond any differences. 

An urban living room and a dynamic space that combines function and symbolism, just as in its concept and execution, arhitecture and sculpture work together to create a perfect combination of art and utility. 

The United Kingdom stall will be executed using, wherever possible, environmentally-friendly solutions, from repurposed old furniture to paper, and with the support of the local community from Piscu village. 

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