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Mat Wright

The British Council has been working in Romania as early as 1938. We currently have office in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi and we can help you study for a UK qualification, take an exam, develop your English skills, engage in arts, education and society programmes, or connect with other professionals. 

In 2018 we celebrate 80 years of cultural relations with Romania. Our country was in fact one of the first four countries in the world where the British Council set up an overseas office, along with Egypt, Portugal and Poland.

The anniversary programme reflects our efforts put into developing the education, arts, society and English areas in the past 80 years in Romania, but also our commitment to continue engaging with local partners in the respective fields.     

Our work in English

We provide English language courses for everyone interested in learning or improving English, either is general English or for specific purposes (business, financial, legal etc.), courses to help preparation for English language certificates, and dedicated courses for the business environment.  We also help teachers of English to develop their teaching skills offering training opportunities and access to global resources.

In Romania we administer English language certificates - IELTS and Cambridge, the APTIS test for organisations willing to establish the level of English of their employees or students, and also a wide range of professional and university examinations.

Our work in arts, education and society

Through our work in arts, education and society, we are committed to help artists, cultural leaders, students, young leaders, teachers and institutions enhancing knowledge, skills, intercultural understanding and international exchanges. 

Check out more about our arts, education and society programmes. 

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