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What is UK Transnational Education?

Transnational education (TNE) is education delivered in a country other than the country in which the awarding institution is based - e.g. students based in Romania studying for a degree from a university in the United Kingdom. UK TNE refers to UK degree programmes delivered outside of the UK.

Why choose a transnational (TNE) degree? 

A UK education enables you to become the most confident, most promising, most prepared version of yourself. But if you have commitments that prevent you from relocating to the UK itself, or are looking for excellent value for money, you could transform your life and career prospects with a Transnational degree.

Provided in English by 142 UK universities, and in 226 countries and territories worldwide, these degrees are your opportunity to benefit from the same rich academic traditions as your peers in the United Kingdom. 

You’ll learn from the same cutting edge teaching practices, and receive the same encouragement to think independently, be creative and truly grow as an individual. Perhaps most importantly, you will gain precisely the same qualification as students in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

That’s because your degree will be designed, quality-assured and directly awarded by one of the UK’s highly respected universities. 

In fact, the only difference between you and your peers in the UK is that you’ll be studying in a location which better suits you, your circumstances and your personal ambitions.

UK degree options in Romania

Many UK higher education institutions offer courses overseas, including in Romania. These courses are provided through local partners and online platforms. They are designed, delivered, and quality-assured to the UK’s own rigorous standards, and lead to UK qualifications that are fully recognised by employers and national education authorities in Romania.


For undergraduate programmes, you can apply for a UK-awarded TNE degree in Romania if you have completed one of following qualifications:

  • Romanian Baccalaureate
  • GCE A-Levels or other pre-university qualifications equivalent to A-Levels
  • International Baccalaureate diploma (or equivalent qualification)

Postgraduate programmes tend to admit students with Bachelor's degrees from Romania or abroad.

As these TNE programmes are delivered in English, they may also require proof of English language proficiency through an IELTS or Cambridge ESOL certification.

There may also be additional requirements depending on the course you choose. Make sure to check details with the UK university that will be awarding your degree, and with the partner institution in Romania where you will be studying.

Which degree should I choose?

There are several UK TNE programmes available in Romania which offer the same high standards of teaching as the courses at universities in the UK.

See below a list of UK degrees that you can study for in Romania, including undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as professional courses developed by local higher education institutions in collaboration with prestigious UK TNE providers.

Undergraduate programmes

Institutions Programme Details Contact
Abertay University (UK)
Bucharest International School of Management (RO)
Business Management 3-year accredited undergraduate programmes; diploma issued by Abertay University Website
Digital Marketing and Business Management
Business Management with Events Management
Digital Marketing with Events Management
CITY College - University of York Europe Campus
Romanian-American University
Business Studies (Marketing) 3-year dual degree undergraduate programme; diploma issued by University of York and Romanian-American University Website
Coventry University (UK)
European Nursing Academy - ENA
Regina Maria Health Network
Nursing (Generalist Medical Assistant) 3-year undergraduate programme with the specialization of Generalist Medical Assistant (75% of the time dedicated to learning is practical); diploma issued by Coventry University Website
Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
American Hotel Academy (Brașov, RO)
International Hotel Business Management 3-year undergraduate programme; Bachelor of Arts degree issued by Manchester Metropolitan University Website

Postgraduate programmes

Institutions Programme Details Contact
CITY College - University of York Europe Campus
Romanian-American University
Digital Marketing & Social Media 2-year postgraduate programmes; MSc degree issued by University of York and Romanian-American University Website
International Economic Relations and European Union Studies
Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
American Hotel Academy (Brașov, RO)
International Tourism & Hospitality Business Management 2-year postgraduate programme; MSc degree issued by Manchester Metropolitan University Website 
Transilvania Executive Education (RO)
validated by University of Buckingham (UK)
Executive MBA Programme offered in Cluj-Napoca, co-designed with the University of Buckingham and TEE business community. Degree from the University of Buckingham.  Website
CITY College - University of York Europe Campus
University of Strasbourg (FR)
Pan-European Executive MBA

Dual degree programme leading to MBA degrees from the University of York and the University of Strasbourg.

Accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA), Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Graduates may also obtain the Level 7 Executive Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership of CMI, as well as the AMBA Certificate from the Association of MBAs.

Henley Business School – University of Reading (UK)
Postgraduate Board Practice and Directorship Programme (PGCert BPD)

Postgraduate qualification programme for practising board members, with academic accreditation recognised within the EU, offered by ENVISIA in partnership with the triple-accredited Henley Business School. Programme launched in partnership with London Stock Exchange. 


Professional courses and diplomas

Institutions Programme Details Contact
University of Suffolk (UK)
Transilvania Executive Education (RO)
Strategy for the Digital Economy 3-month executive course validated by University of Suffolk and delivered by Transilvania Executive Education in Cluj-Napoca. Diploma offered by University of Suffolk.  Website
University of Suffolk (UK)
Școala pentru Oameni Responsbili - SPOR (RO)
Talent Academy Programme Foundation programme and micro-MBA for HR professionals delivered by professor Andrew Taylor. Participants are granted an international Talent Management certification issued by the University of Suffolk. Website
British Law Centre (UK)
University of Bucharest (RO)
Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills 1-year Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills provided by British Law Centre, a joint venture between the Law Faculties of the University of Cambridge and the University of Warsaw.  Website

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