People from the British Council

Last year, over two million people took exams with the British Council in more than 90 countries worldwide.

We offer the International English Language Testing System IELTS, the world’s leading English language proficiency test, Cambridge English exams at various levels, and a wide range of academic and professional exams that are internationally recognised.

Take an exam with us and enjoy the benefits of our services:

  • long-standing experience in delivering high quality exams
  • qualified examiners trained and accredited by Cambridge English
  • carefully selected venues, all equipped with modern facilities
  • support for teachers and learners of English through our Teaching English and LearnEnglish websites
  • schools can join an exclusive group and receive additional benefits through our Advantage© partnership scheme
  • 10% exam fee discount for state school candidates taking CAE if they belong to classes with bilingual or intensive English curriculum and are registered as block entry
  • a positive and fair examination experience for all candidates.

Find out the score required for the English paper at the national Baccalaureate (PDF, 223KB) exam, the admission examination to the 9th grade bilingual and intensive classes (PDF, 160KB) in secondary schools or the admission examination to the 5th grade intensive classes (PDF, 91KB)

Take an exam with us to improve your employment prospects and enhance your chances of continuing your education in Romania or abroad.

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