British Council is closer to you! Come and see our new teaching centres at City Gate and One Cotroceni Park!

Let's learn English in a modern environment, with teaching methods adapted for all ages!

Register for the events „British Council Vine Mai Aproape de Voi!” and let your child explore the British Council environment by participating at a teaching session given by our dedicated teachers, for free!

As parents, let us show you our work for your children in an hour-long 'How we teach' session with Q&A! 

Activities for you and your child

  • Storytelling and activities for children aged 3-10 ani (45 min)
  • Interactive activities for teens (11-18 ani)
  • Presentation: How we teach
  • Get a surpise discount for any of our courses when attending our event!
  • Join our raffle to win British Council prizes, including workshops! 

 At the British Council, we open our doors for all, and care for them individually. Register for our events "British Vine Mai Aproape de Voi!" and let's start together your children’s linguistic development!


City Gate & One Cotroceni Park

Monday 11/Sept 18:00
Tuesday 12/Sept 18:30
Wednesday 13/Sept 17:30
Thursday 14/Sept 18:00
Friday 15/Sept 17:30
* These sessions will last for one hour.
* You can register for multiple activities - for example, for children aged 3-10 and for those aged 11-18, as well as for parent sessions. To make multiple registrations, please return to the initial form after the first registration. Using the same method, you can also enrol in different teaching centres on different days.
* If you have mutiple registrations, the surprise discount will only apply once.

See you at the British Council!