Information for parents about english courses microsite

Dear parents and guardians - if your child was absent on the first lesson of the semester, here is some important information that they will have missed. It will help them understand what's expected of them and also reassure them that they will enjoy the course, and that it's ok to ask for help. There is also some important information about our fire alarm and earthquake procedures. Please do look at this page together with your child and discuss all the points, in English or Romanian. You can contact us if you have any questions!

Welcome (back) to the British Council!

On your course you will:

  • have fun!
  • do lots activities, songs, stories and games in English!
  • be helped by your teachers if you have any problems! 

Some rules:

  • be active in class - do all the activities your teacher sets
  • be nice to your classmates and your teachers
  • put your hand up to speak
  • try to speak with your classmates and teachers in English
  • if you don't understand or don't know something in English, ask your teachers - they will help you
  • no shouting or running in class or anywhere else at the British Council
  • no eating or drinking in class (a bottle of water is ok - no cups!)
  • talk to your teachers if you have a problem of any kind

Practise English at home

  • visit LearnEnglish Kids
  • try British Council apps
  • borrow books and DVDs from our library
  • tell your mum, dad, or another member of your family, what you did in class (remember, you can explain what you did in Romanian, but try to remember how to say the words, sentences or questions that you practised in class, in English).

Did you play a game?
Did you sing a song?
Did you read a story?
What was your favourite activity in the class?

  • tell your mum, dad, or another member of your family what you practised in class 

Did you practise any words? What words do you remember?
Did you practise a question? Ask your family the question!
Did you do a new song or story? Show a family member the movements, or tell them in Romanian what the story was about!

What to do if there's a fire alarm?

  • stay calm - your teachers will look after you
  • listen to your teacher’s instructions
  • follow your teacher
  • walk, don’t run
  • don't take your bag or jacket
  • remain at the meeting point until your teacher says so. 

What to do if there's an earthquake?


  • stay calm - your teachers will look after you
  • listen to your teacher’s instructions
  • hide under the tables (or doors): drop, cover and hold on
  • wait two minutes after the end of the earthquake, then leave the building with your teacher.


  • don’t panic
  • don’t leave the building during the earthquake
  • don't use the lift or stairs
  • don't stay by the windows