We offer a wide range of free seminars for teachers of IELTS and Cambridge Assessment English exam preparation courses.

Our seminars include teaching methods for examination preparation classes, and help teachers familiarise themselves with the exam content, structure, assessment criteria and exam board expectations. The seminars are organised in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English and are delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

Seminars are generally divided into four modules and teach you how to prepare your students for each component of the test.

Dates and locations 

The seminars take place between October and May at British Council offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Iasi, and at partner venues in Timişoara, Braşov and Oradea. 

We also offer seminars on demand for schools or language centres all over Romania. Seminar content can be adapted according to the bespoke needs of the participants. For further information please contact our main office

How to register

Contact a British Council office to join a seminar in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca or Iaşi. Let us know your full name, contact details, what kind of seminar you are interested in, and the name of the school or institution you are currently working for. 

Please use the contact details provided in the tables below to join a seminar at a partner venue. 

Registration closes two weeks before the seminar date.

Available seminars


Seminar Date  Location Registration deadline Contact 
Preparing students for IELTS: Academic writing module 09.11 Oradea 25.10 lgherdan@yahoo.co.uk
Preparing Students for IELTS 26.01 Timișoara 16.01 codrutagosa@yahoo.co.uk
Preparing Students for IELTS 16.02 București 06.02 contact@britishcouncil.ro
Improving writing for IELTS - 4h 26.04 Iași 16.04 bc.iasi@britishcouncil.ro

Young Learners (YLE)

Seminar Date  Location Registration deadline Contact 


YLE - Using the Speaking and Writing criteria 24.11 Timișoara 14.11


Preparing Students for YLE 08.12 București 28.11


A2 Key (KET) and B1 Preliminary (PET)

Seminar Date  Location Registration deadline Contact 
2020 updates for KET and PET 03.11 București 24.10 contact@britishcouncil.ro
Revised A2-B1 exams from 2020 03.11 Timișoara 24.10 codrutagosa@yahoo.co.uk
2020 updates for KET and PET 10.11 Iași 31.10 bc.iasi@britishcouncil.ro
Integrating exam preparation
into general English classes (A2 level) 
11.01 Oradea 17.12.19 lgherdan@yahoo.co.uk
Supporting mixed ability learners at CERF A2 and B1 levels 08.02 Oradea 23.01 lgherdan@yahoo.co.uk

B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) and C2 Proficiency (CPE)

Seminar Date  Location Registration deadline Contact 
Preparing Students for FCE 19.01 București 09.01 contact@britishcouncil.ro
Preparing Students for CAE 02.02 București 23.01 contact@britishcouncil.ro
How to make writing and speaking successful -
practical tips and activities for  CAE - 4 h
02.02 Iași 23.01 bc.iasi@britishcouncil.ro
Speaking and Writing skills at B2 level - 4 h 15.03 Iași 05.03 bc.iasi@britishcouncil.ro
Assessment of skills at C1 25.04 Oradea 10.04 lgherdan@yahoo.co.uk

Cambridge Assessment English exams skills

Seminar Date  Location Registration deadline Contact 
Teaching, learning and assessment at different CERF levels 07.12 Oradea 22.11 lgherdan@yahoo.co.uk
Engaging Learners in the assessment of writing skills across levels (A2-C1) 23.02 Timișoara 13.02 codrutagosa@yahoo.co.uk
Bridging the gap from B1 to B2 level school age learners 14.03 Oradea 28.02 lgherdan@yahoo.co.uk
Engaging Learners in the assessment of speaking skills across levels (A2-C1) 29.03 Timișoara 19.03 codrutagosa@yahoo.co.uk
Assessment of reading and listening across levels (A2-C1) 12.04 Timișoara 03.04 codrutagosa@yahoo.co.uk
Developing academic writing skills from B2 to C1 and above 17.05 Timișoara 08.05 codrutagosa@yahoo.co.uk

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