Offline resources for teachers

We provide a variety of teaching resources and classroom materials on many different subjects. 

Our offline resources have been developed in collaboration with teachers in Romania and the UK through our projects in English and education.

Education for democratic citizenship

We have developed a CD and handbook for teachers at upper secondary level focussing on democratic citizenship. They are available in both English and Romanian. 

  • TOGETHER ( ÎMPREUNĂ) - This CD is available in English and Romanian
  • ÎMPREUNĂ - This handbook is available in Romanian. 

These resources are based upon a framework for the development of citizenship competencies. They conform with the Romanian curriculum as well as including aspects of the British national curriculum for citizenship education. 

If you would like to use any of these materials, please contact Alina Constantinescu at

Geography in English

GEOPROFILES is a textbook on the geography of the UK and the United States. It is aimed at secondary school and university students who are learning geography through the medium of English.

Please contact Editura Charta to order the textbook using the below contact details. 

Address: 130 A Ciucului Street, Sfântu Gheorghe, 520019, Covasna
Telephone: 0267-315.279 
Contact person: Kisgyörgy Tamás

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