Friday 09 March 2018 - 10:00 to Sunday 11 March 2018 - 22:00

Tristan Sharps, one of the pioneers of site-responsive performances and founder of the dreamthinkspeak theatre company, with more than 30 internationally awarded site-responsive performances, will come to Romania, invited by POINT and with the support of the British Council, between 9 and 11 March 2018.

The three days of conferences, workshops and networking, brought together under the FRACTAL programme, will invite artistic content creators to deepen the techniques of a type of theatre rarely encountered on the Romanian stage: immersive, "site-responsive", developed in atypical spaces: slaughterhouses, factories, car services, crematories, parking places and so on.

Dreamthinkspeak performances are considered "a journey without a map and without the sense of time, creations of the dream nature, cinematic and sometimes voyeuristic, because you can look at the frenzied happenings that unfold around you." (British Vogue)

The participants in the FRACTAL series of events will understand the mathematics behind these "live performance masterpieces" (British Vogue) that have reset the art standards. "Before I Sleep", one of the dreamthinkspeak productions, has surpassed all sales in the Brighton Festival history and has had over 20,000 viewers.

The FRACTAL programme put together with the support of theatre critic Cristina Modreanu:

  • 9 March: "The Begining" conference will, an incursion into Tristan Sharps' portfolio as an artistic director, analysing his most appreciated productions. Entry is free, up to 100 seats, but please register here.
  • 10 and 11 March: the “Site and Space” workshop on will deepen the information presented in the conference, plunking from theory to practice, based on exercises, space analysis and feedback. Tickets here.
  • 11 March: networking evening, in a lively atmosphere, where local creators will enter into dialogue, resource-sharing and one-to-one counselling with Tristan and will be able to think together about possible partnerships across borders. Entry is free, up to 100 seats, but please register here.