The Lost World of Comunism
Banner film screening The Lost World of Comunism 
Thursday 18 December 2014 -
18:00 to 21:30
National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Romanian Revolution through British eyes

Join us on Thursday18 December for the screening the documentary film "The Lost World of Communism", at National Museum of Romanian Peasant, to mark 25 years from the collapse of the communist regime.

The film is produced by the BCC and was nominated to the notorious festival Grierson Awards. It has three different episodes, which can be viewed independently, each presenting colourful and touching aspects of life under communism in three countries: Romania, East Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Entry is free. The film will be screened in English, with English subtitles. 


1800 - 1900 

"Socialism in One Family": looking at communist Romania and Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu.

1915 - 2015

"A Socialist Paradise": how the collapse of communism affected people in the 'socialist paradise' of East Germany.

2030 - 2130

"The Kingdom of Forgetting": in communist Czechoslovakia, attempts to reform communism were crushed by Warsaw Pact allies in 1968.