Early Years Plus Discovery Semester 1

Access information to support your child's learning at home during semester 1 of Early Years Plus Discovery.  To find out what your child did in class during the week, please check the Edmodo class page.  You can also use the resources on our YouTube channel Learning Time with Timmy to add to what the children are learning in class.

You can revise the words and the songs done in class with your child at home, and you can try the ideas below: 

Theme 1 (Meet Timmy and his friends) Language:

In this part of the course, the children will learn: 

  • Greetings: Hello! Good-bye! How are you?
  • Feelings: happy, sad, angry, sleepy, scared
  • Basic classroom language: stand-up, sit down, come over here, sit in a circle, look, listen, touch …, let’s play
  • Routines: put… in the bin, tidy-up/ clean up, wash (your hands)
  • Actions: clap your hands, run, jump, shake your…, open, close.
  • Art: paintbrush, picture, scissors, cut, paint, paper, glue, decorate, press, paint pot, painting, mixing
  • Colours: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, white, black.
  • Numbers: 1-10
  • Shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, heart, diamond
  • Transport: car, truck, train, plane
  • Animals: sheep/ lamb, cat, owl, duck, badger, hedgehog, pig, goat, caterpillar, fox, pelican, dog
  • Parts of the body: head, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, face, arms, legs

Theme 1 (Meet Timmy and his friends) Revision ideas:

  • Say hello/ goodbye to your toys and ask them: how are you? 
  • Ask your toys: how are you feeling?
  • Pain happy/ sad etc. faces or make them out of plasticine. Say how they are feeling.
  • Paint feelings ( what colour is happiness/ sadness/ anger etc. ?)
  • Talk in Romanina about what makes you feel happy/ sad etc. 
  • Tell your child: Simon says jump etc. Your child should do the movement.
  • Play Copy me, mirror me! Do a movement and say the word. Encourage your child to copy you. When your child is confident with the words, say an action but do a different one. Your child should do the movement you say, not the one you do. 
  • Touch things around the house and ask: is it (red) or (blue)?
  • Count to 10 with fingers, toys, pencils etc.
  • Put toys of different colours in a bag. Encourage the child to put their hand in the bag, take out a toy and say what colour it is. 
  • Play Find something blue.
  • Cut shapes with scissors and say the words.
  • Paint with shapes ( dip plastic or wooden shapes in paint and leave prints on paper). Say the words. 
  • Make cars, trains, planes etc out of shapes and say the words.
  • Make cars, trains, planes etc out of plasticine and say the words.
  • Hide around the house transport toys and shapes , and direct your child to find them by saying hot when the child is next to the item, warm when they are near, and cold when they're moving away.
  • Talk about animals, say the word in English, then talk about what parts of the body they have.
  • Make plasticine animals and say what parts of the body they have.
  • Play Simon Says... ( Simon says touch your head etc)
  • Put toy animals in a bag and encourage your child to put their hand in and feel the animals. Without looking, can they guess what the animal is, and say the word in English?
  • Paint with plastic animals, and talk about the prints various animals leave, and how they are different (in Romanian)