School leadership

We support school leaders globally to raise standards, improve outcomes in teaching and learning, and introduce and embed an international dimension in the curriculum. Our work focuses on two main areas:

Develop skills and vision of next generation school leaders

Throughout Europe and in Romania as well, the educational leadership is growing both in complexity and importance. It is now, during rapidly-changing and unstable times, that the education sector has a unique and vital role to play in social and economic development. It is therefore crucial that the next generation of educational leaders is nurtured and developed, to ensure the sector progresses and remains relevant to wider society. 

The British Council’s school leadership programme will focus on helping a new generation of school leaders acquire the necessary leadership skills and vision to: 

  • lead and work in school organisations with creativity, innovation and efficiency
  • play an advocacy role in educational policy formulation and to influence its implementation
  • exchange knowledge and ideas with a national and international network of like-minded people and institutions beyond their usual sphere of operation

School Policy Dialogues

We support advances in education policy internationally, bringing together policy makers and professionals from different countries to learn from leading practice and shape future reforms. Through focused international study visits, meetings and conferences, we bring together policy makers and professionals from different countries.

If you would like to know more about the British Council’s School Leadership programme and our School Policy Dialogues, contact Gabriel Ivan.