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Primary Essentials is an online teacher training course for primary school teachers of English who want to develop their teaching skills without attending a face-to-face course. It’s delivered via an online platform called Moodle and has six highly practical modules plus lots of live classroom videos showing the techniques being used.

The course takes approximately 46–50 hours to complete. This includes online work, where you have to complete tasks and discuss topics with other participants plus self-study. The self-study activities include assignments, lesson planning and reflection on your lessons. You’ll be assigned a tutor who’ll support you throughout your course.

The course also includes sections for self-assessment and forums to discuss your learning topics with networks of teachers across the country or internationally:

Additional elements of the course include a:

  • reflective journal to use as your own diary space
  • plenary forum for you to discuss any pedagogic issues or questions that arise during your study
  • technical forum to support you with troubleshooting
  • social forum for you to talk to your colleagues on the course.

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This course is unavailable