FAQs Primary Infants

In the current context, we're launching a virtual classroom solution, so that Primary Infants students can continue learning English while regular classes are temporarily suspended. Virtual lessons are designed to cover the same skills and provide the same progress as regular classes.

See below answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the migration to Virtual Classroom for Primary Infants students. 

What is Primary Infants Virtual

Primary Infants Virtual is our online course solution for children aged 6-7. The programme offers your child the opportunity to engage with their British Council course, classmates and teacher in a 60-minute live interactive virtual class, twice a week, on the same days and at the same time as before the lockdown. 

Your child will continue their English language learning adventure to make the same progress using the same materials online. We’ve adopted a slightly different approach to make sure your child gets the most out of their online learning experience.  

When will Primary Infants Virtual lessons begin?

We will be launching our virtual classroom for Primary Infant students from 21st April. The classes will be twice a week at the same time and on the same days as your child’s classes were before the lockdown.

What if my child is unable to take these classes?

If it’s a question of the time of day, please let us know and we will do what we can to identify an alternative time. 

Otherwise, we will credit you for the value of the missed classes. This credit is valid for twelve months. You could use it on one of our summer school courses or towards your first instalment for the new academic year starting in September. 

How will you calculate the number of missed classes?

At the end of semester two, we will calculate any classes that we may still owe you and the corresponding amount will be credited to your child’s account. The credit can be used on one of our summer school courses or towards your first instalment for the new academic year starting in September. 

The COVID voucher is only offered to customers who complete the academic year in July 2020 and who paid the last instalment by 29 April 2020 as communicated. 

I haven’t made my mind up about next year yet. Can I have a refund?

Yes, of course. We will refund the amount you are owed less the administrative fee, in line with our withdrawal policy. (We have reduced the administrative fee from 400 RON to 200 RON.) 

For refunds, please write to us at contact@britishcouncil.ro, mentioning the student name and number. 

Are there any online classes on 1st May?

Friday 1st May is a public holiday and as such there will be no online classes on that day

When will you resume the face-to-face English courses at the British Council?

We will only be able to do so when we receive the go-ahead from the Romanian authorities. In the meantime, we are confident your child will enjoy their virtual face-to-face classes with their teacher.

Didn't find an answer to your question? Contact us at contact@britishcouncil.ro or send us a message on Facebook - we're happy to help!