FameLab finalists being photographed

FameLab is more than a competition - it gives finalists access to an unmatched training programme and a global network of science connections designed to help them raise their profile as a researcher and science communicator and make their work known, supported and understood - both within the scientific community and outside of it. 

Access to a network of scientists and engineers

By taking part in FameLab, young researchers inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, gain invaluable communication skills, and meet amazing like-minded people. More importantly, they also become part of an increasingly exciting network of scientists and engineers able to clearly and imaginatively explain their science to the general public. The FameLab alumni network covers researchers and science professionals working in over 200 universities, research centres or government bodies across the world.

Science Communication Masterclass

One of the most important awards for FameLab finalists is the online science communication masterclass. If you're one of the finalists, this course gives you the chance to learn from some of the world's best science communicators why public interaction is important, to greatly develop your presentation skills and to connect with scientists from various fields of research.

In recent years, FameLab finalists in Romania have received training in science communication masterclasses supported by:

  • Dr. Emily Grossman, an expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a PhD in cancer research at Queens' College Cambridge and studies and experience in acting. Emily Grossman is a science moderator and a media science trainer.
  • Karl Byrne, science communicator and FameLab International finalist, an experienced trainer with a track record of producing and presenting science shows and debates on scientific topics for a variety of audiences and creating science exhibitions.
  • Huw James, science presenter, adventurer and content creator from Wales, United Kingdom. With over a decade of experience in communication and public speaking, Huw has participated in science communication events around the world, lecturing in science communication at the University of South Wales and delivering public speaking courses for National Geographic and other companies.

FameLab Masterclass 2021

In 2021, the communication masterclass will be held online on 24 and 25 April. The FameLab science communication training programme will include 2 one-day sessions delivered completely online by an experienced UK scientific communication specialist and communication experts from local universities. Each of the two sessions will address basic communication skills with interactive teaching sessions, dedicatedexercises, separate working groups and feedback, and participants will have opportunities to discuss topics addressed and ask questions.

Find out what happens at a FameLab masterclass.


The FameLab competition is about prestige more than about awards. All FameLab participants benefit from the opportunity to meet other science enthusiasts and join the FameLab Romania and FameLab International networks, participate in science promotion events among the Romanian public, and of course the appreciation of the public through their passion for science.

In the FameLab Romania 2021 competition, competitors also benefit from a number of special prizes offered by the national partners of the competition:

  • "Science and Society" Award awarded by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași
  • Special Award from the Romanian Academy "Women in Science"
  • Award from the International Soroptimist Union Romania
  • Award from the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO (CNR-UNESCO)

The competitors ranked I, II and III in the competition benefit from prizes offered by FameLab partners: Humanitas, Hermann Oberth Education and Science Association, Ad Astra Association and Timișoara Polytechnic University:

  • 1st place in the FameLab Romania competition comes with the title of FameLab Romania champion, and the opportunity to represent Romania in the global FameLab International competition, organized in the autumn in partnership with Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, along with science communicators from over 20 countries. In addition, the FameLab Romania champion also benefits from books from the Humanitas Science Collection, a 32GB Apple iPad tablet from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and a €300 prize from the Ad Astra Association.
  • Second place in the FameLab Romania competition benefits from books from the Science Collection of Humanitas and a prize of EUR 200 from the Hermann Oberth Association for Education and Science.
  • Third place in the FameLab Romania competition benefits from books from the Science Collection of Humanitas and a €100 prize from the Hermann Oberth Association for Education and Science.

Rising Star: Audience Award

Whether you agree with the FameLab jury or not, there is still one prize left in the competition that you can award yourself! From June 17th until the end of the month, vote your favorite in the FameLab Romania competition for the Audience Award - "Rising Star".

The prize will go to the contestant with the most valid votes cast by June 30, and the winner will also receive a €100 prize from the Hermann Oberth Education and Science Association.