“Global Education Dialogue - Universities and Cities”conference will be held at the Central Library of the University Politehnica of Bucharest from 30 to 31 March 2017.


  • To bring together senior representatives and academics from universities in Romania and the UK, and the neighbouring countries , decision makers from local governments, industry leaders and specialists from the NGO for discussing the role of universities in their cities; 
  • To inform participating universities for helping them work in a more effective way with the local governments and businesses in order to contribute  to the success of their cities;
  • To foster closer links between universities with a focus on how they could enhance their contribution to de development of the cities there are based in

Main themes

Research and innovation 

  • How partnership between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and local authorities provides cities with access to the world class knowledge and connections needed to grow and sustain their innovation and creativity?
  • How universities and colleges are developing as urban anchors, drivers of regional growth and ‘multipliers’ connecting cities, businesses and communities globally?

Societies and communities

  • How universities and colleges can engage local students, alumni networks and communities in delivering wider equity and prosperity to foster the success of their cities? 
  • Which should be the roles of universities in the areas of social enterprise, civic engagement, life-long learning?


  • How their university leadership connects national and local policy initiatives?
  • What is the role of HEIs in the internationalisation strategy of cities - or the role of city marketing in the internationalisation process of higher education institutions of cities?


Universities and colleges have to play vital role in ‘place building’.

  • First hand experiences from participants of working with communities and shaping the physical and cultural environment;
  • University lead urban regeneration projects from the UK, Romania, and neighboring countries helping to create a city that young people want to study in and to work in after graduating, and businesses want to relocate to.

Who should attend

  • Leaders and academics from higher education institutions
  • City leaders from Bucharest and other cities across the country
  • Representatives from the business sector and creative industries
  • NGOs members with solid track record in urban regeneration 
  • Specialists working on major cultural project with high impact on municipalities
  • Political leaders and senior public officials from the national government

What are the benefits of attending

  • Provides an unique opportunity to share good practice at both international, national and regional level; 
  • Contributes to building a platform of communication and collaboration for policy makers and practitioners who run university lead urban regeneration projects in our countries;
  • Builds stronger relationships between institutions in the UK and Romania to help initiate transnational-education partnerships in connected area.


The working language of the conference will be English and there will be no translation.


This event is free of charge.

Participants will need to cover all of their own travel expenses, including local and international flights. 


Please contact luciana.mihai@upb.ro with your expression of interest in attending the conference by close Friday, 17 March 2017.


If you need further information about the event, please contact gabriel.ivan@britishcouncil.ro