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Noi Orizonturi Foundation

Active Citizens is a global programme which aims to bring about sustainable social change within communities by establishing a global network of leaders. The programme works with leaders of youth, women’s, cultural, recreational or religious groups, with non-governmental organisations and local governments.

The leaders act as influencers in their communities and work together to address global issues. They connect with each other via an online social network of participants, as well as international exchanges or study visits.

Active Citizens in Romania

Since joining the programme in 2010, we have partnered with several Romanian organisations (Fundatia Noi Orizonturi, Asociaţia Pro Democraţia, Expert Forum, Policy Centre for Roma and Minorities and Institutul Roman de Training). These partnerships have enabled us to engage directly with relevant community leaders including NGO leaders, youth community leaders in multicultural cities and socially deprived areas as well as leaders of Roma communities.

Community leaders benefit from the global network of leaders by discussing how other communities tackle similar challenges.

They can also receive training in:

  • understanding of the local culture and of their own identity
  • deeper knowledge of their communities
  • project management
  • respect for diversity and skills to efficiently manage relations between people from diverse cultural environments
  • advocacy tools for promoting their causes

They are mentored by our trainers and supported so that they can pass on their learning to their own communities.

We also provide community leaders with support to plan, design and implement their social action projects in their communities in a relevant and engaging manner.

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