Respect for diversity

Respect for diversity refers to educating majority groups to value difference, thus changing behaviours and attitudes that people often have because of stereotypes and prejudices. 


In partnership with Kultur Kontakt-Austria, we have developed a framework for intercultural dialogue and understanding. 

The project participants were teachers from schools located in six regions of Romania: Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi, Brasov, Braila and Odorheiu Secuiesc. A school team was made up of teachers of English, German and Romanian and their students. They worked with their local communities to develop projects focused on ethnic diversity, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism.

Interlingua had the following outcomes:

  • Methodologies for the development of intercultural competence through inter-language teaching and learning programmes;
  • Schools and community-based projects to promote intercultural learning: an intercultural calendar for Brasov, an intercultural mini-dictionary for Constanta, intercultural guidebooks for Brăila and Odorheiu Secuiesc, instructional materials for intercultural learning for Iasi and an interactive website for Bucharest;
  • Integration of intercultural education in schools curricula;
  • A handbook of Interlingua good practice issued in English, German and Romanian.

Respecting Diversity project

The project aims to improve awareness of diversity work among Romanian youth and to develop international and domestic youth projects in the area of diversity by:

  • building the competency and capacity of non-governmental organisations working with young people
  • increasing the knowledge of how to access European funds, principally Youth in Action programme funds.

The project has now ended, but the Respecting diversity toolkit is available below for people and organisations working with youth and diversity.

Perspectives on contemporary society

We are annual partners of the Conference of Society of Cultural and Social Anthropology, Rasnov Historic Film Festival and support different organisations’ initiatives by providing expertise from the UK on different projects (e.g. Social Enterprise Conference with NEST Romania).