Children at this age benefit from established class routines and are capable of longer periods of concentration in a classroom setting. Learners are still developing concepts, literacy and numeracy in their first language and our carefully selected English course content supports this.

Students at this young age may not progress through the levels in a linear manner as other qualities are taken into consideration, such as reading and writing abilities.

Our courses for kids

  • Cover topics of interest to children and relate these to their own experiences
  • Increase children's confidence and interest in the English language
  • Learn and practise a wide range of language functions
  • Children are exposed to natural language through activities giving them a real purpose to communicate in familiar and meaningful situations
  • Extend children's knowledge of the world
  • Develop thinking and problem-solving skills and model universal values and behaviour.

What will my child learn?

Depending on their English ability level, students on a typical course learn how to introduce themselves, follow verbal instructions, write a postcard and ask for things politely. They will use English to study interesting and relevant topics, such as world travel and animals.

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