Creative Hubs

The UK has much to share from its long experience of developing the creative economy. We design projects and organise events that share both this experience and the wider impact it has in terms of education, economic regeneration, social inclusion and international engagement.

We connect people who work in the creative and cultural industries in Romania and other countries around the world with their UK counterparts, creating a global support network for the new leaders in this increasingly important sector; a sector which represents nine per cent of global trade. As well as stimulating economic growth, these new leaders are also responding to social, cultural and technological challenges in new, resourceful ways.

European Creative Hubs Network

European Creative Hubs Network is a two-year project that aimed to help creative hubs connect and collaborate across Europe. British Council was leading the work, in partnership with six European creative hubs – Bios in Greece, Addict in Portugal, betahaus in Germany, Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra in Serbia, Creative Edinburgh in UK and Factoria Cultural in Spain – and the European Business and Innovation Centres Network

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, through the Cross-sectoral strand of the Creative Europe programme, and is part of the European Commission strategy on Culture in External Relations. 

In this spirit, our aim is to help creative hubs connect and collaborate across Europe. We are building a network community of creative hubs by hosting a series of meetings, and we are preparing a bespoke training programme for the needs and free use of creative hubs. 

With the support of British Council Romania, representatives from some of the most important Hubs in Romania attended the forums taking place in Belgrad and Athens and were included in the project - NOD makerspace (Bucharest), ClujHUB, Ambasada (Timişoara) and The Grape (Iaşi).

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