We believe that a thriving cultural sector contributes to a more connected, secure, and prosperous world. Cultural Skills brings together the knowledge and skills that support the cultural sector and enable it to flourish.

Our global networks provide knowledge and trust to support a programme of capacity building which addresses local issues and links the cultural resources of the UK with those of other countries.

We work with training providers, educational institutions and cultural organisations to meet global demand with a supply of skilled and talented individuals.

We facilitate policy dialogues, courses and apprenticeships that inspire change and enable a sustainable sector worldwide.

The Live Skills project

The Live Skills project designed and piloted 3 innovative Vocational Education and Training (VET) curricula in the Audiovisual (AV) and Live Performance (LP) sectors.

The project’s key objectives were to enhance skills in these sectors, from entrepreneurial and management skills to the use of cutting-edge digital technologies. 

The learning programmes were designed for 2 audiovisual professions: Sound Managers & Video/Film Editors, and covered the following areas: Arts Management, Digital and New Technologies and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Led by the British Council, the project involved nine full partners across four countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the UK) and two European-wide associated partners.

Read more about the project here.

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