We aim to showcase the most exciting and very best work of UK creatives. We connect designers and creative entrepreneurs from Romania and the UK through networking and mutual learning.

The British Council’s Architecture Design Fashion (ADF) department creates links between designers and cultural institutions around the world, through a diverse range of projects across the three disciplines. 

Find out what the ADF team does and how they work.

To find out what’s new in UK architecture, design and fashion, you can also visit their blog, Back of the Envelope.

Romanian Design Week

Developed by The Institute, Romanian Design Week is an annual festival promoting contemporary Romanian design as a tool for social, cultural and economic progress. It is the first project completely dedicated to design and open both for industry professionals and general audiences. Every year, Romanian Design Week maps out the events and spaces that promote design.

RDW shows that Romanian design is so much more than what you can see at a first look. Events and showcases focus on product and industrial design, furniture, graphics, fashion, architecture and interior design.

British Council is a constant partner of this great event, looking forward to every new edition.

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