Addvantage is the British Council's examinations member scheme for preparation centres who register candidates to take Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS tests with us each year. It's our way of saying thank you and of welcoming our new customers.

We've structured our member scheme around attractive benefits and enhanced services. Addvantage offers a range of support with exam preparation and access to everything the British Council has to offer in high quality resources for learning, teaching and assessing English.

If you are a preparation centre and register candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications as block entries only through the British Council, you will be able to enter the Addvantage partnership programme.

Addvantage Benefits

Addvantage member benefits include our high-quality exam services and many benefits aimed at supporting students, teachers and schools with exams and more. Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Full access to LearnEnglish Exams : the British Council’s online support website for candidates preparing for B2 First and C1 Advanced full of tips, advice, strategies and practice exercises
  • Opportunity to participate in our annual competition “OUR FUTURE” for candidates across Europe with fantastic prizes
  • Presentations and tailor-made workshops for your candidates and English teachers
  • Preparation materials and book vouchers from Fischer International
  • Promotional materials for your school
  • Financial incentives in the form of gift vouchers for the work of coordinators who use their institution's premises as a location for the exam
  • Invitations to the annual Fischer conference held in September
  • Discounts and free exams that are organised by the British Council
  • The right to use the Addvantage logo in your school's promotional materials and website 

And much more...

For more information about the full package of benefits we offer, please see the Addvantage Programme Brochure in the Downloads section below.

Why register candidates with the British Council and join Addvantage?

Our heritage.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust. Our work in English aims to bring high-quality language materials to every learner and teacher who wants them.

Our expertise.

Over 70 examination boards and educational institutions trust us to deliver their exams around the world. We are recognised for our integrity and professionalism in delivering high-quality exam services and English teaching and training.We can organise exam day sessions from small to very large groups of candidates for a wide range of exam dates and locations. Your students can take exams in a modern and comfortable venue or we may be able to organise the exam at your school. The exams we offer are widely known and recognised by schools, universities and employers in Romania and around the world.

Your assurance.

When you register your students to take exams with the British Council you will enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted and professional organisation. We care about your students’ success in exams and in their lives beyond the classroom.

Your advantage.

As an addvantage member you will receive an attractive package of benefits and enhanced services according to your membership level along with our commitment to you as one of our partners. addvantage offers your students and teachers support and training with exam preparation. We provide parents with information and guidance about exams and organise events and competitions to motivate your students and celebrate their success. By working with us you can access opportunities to promote your school and grow your network.

How do I register candidates with the British Council and join Addvantage?

It’s easy to start registering your students for exams with the British Council and join our Addvantage member scheme. We will guide you with your students’ registration.

Please contact us for more information regarding the type of exams your students want to sit. We are here to help you to get started.

  1. Register your candidates for exams quickly and easily 
  2. Receive all the information and support you need to get started 
  3. Apply to join by completing the Addvantage application form which you can download below
  4. Start enjoying your membership benefits 

How does Addvantage work?

If you are a preparation centre and register candidates as block entries, you will be able to join the Addvantage programme.

Your level of membership is reviewed at the beginning of every year, according to number of points you earned the previous year.

You can find the list of exams preparation centres in the Downloads section below.

How do I activate my membership?

If you would like to sign up for the Addvantage programme, fill in the Addvantage Membership form.

You can start claiming your benefits as soon as your membership is activated. Your membership is valid for one calendar year.

For further details please contact us.

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